The Club

K9 Training is one of the oldest clubs in the Fourways area, and in 2014 we celebrated our 25 year anniversary.

Our talented instructors are passionate about dog training and have years of experience. Instructors keep current with dog training trends and advances, and attend workshops and seminars to further their knowledge. Several instructors compete in obedience and dog sports.

K9 Training is a member of Superpup, incorporating Superteen, and some instructors have Ethology qualifications.

Training is on Saturdays and Wednesdays, on the first 4 days of the month. If there are 5 Saturdays or Wednesdays in a month, then there is no training on that day. Often a fun event or walk is organised on those days. Occasionally social events are held such as week-ends away or meals, with or without dogs.

The advanced class competes for our Dog Of The Year title during the year, in separate obedience and fieldwork events.

The end of each year we have a Christmas party and annual awards and prizegiving. We have a variety of awards for handlers and dogs, and the Dog Of The Year winner is announced also.

A Little Housekeeping

Please ensure that you keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date at all times, and that you regularly treat your dog for ticks and fleas, as well as worms. This is for your dog’s protection, and the others in the club.

We would also appreciate members not bringing bitches on heat to training. This is extremely disruptive to all the dogs in the class, and very little will be learnt during that lesson. We further request that you do not knowingly bring your dog to training when he has a communicable disease, due to the possibility of contamination. We can always make up for the training lost.

Handlers must keep their dogs on leash during training times, and under control at all times. If you are confident that you can keep your dog under control, let them socialise on the field after class. We often have lots of people (including children), and dogs running around the field, and accidents must be avoided. Please also never approach a benched dog (a dog that is tied to a tree, car or any other object). Some people tie up their dogs to restrain them, and approaching a benched dog can be dangerous. Please also ensure your dogs and children do not approach benched dogs. Finally, as a courtesy to all, please clear away any faeces your dog deposits. There is a “poop” bin next to the table for this purpose.

Please read the full club rules here.

Annual Winners


  • Most Determined Handler
  • Brett with Eddie
  • Most Improved Dog Handler
  • Izabella with Zander
  • Most Enthusiastic Handler
  • Allison with Luxie
  • Junior Handler Of The Year
  • Not awarded
  • Best Manwork Dog
  • Debbie with Echo
  • Dog Of The year Obedience
  • Michelle with Titan
  • Dog Of The year Field Work
  • Michaela with Nova
  • Dog Of The year Overall Winner
  • Michelle with Titan

Training Tips

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