K9 Training Centre Rules

  • K9 Training Centre, its Owners, Instructors and members will not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever, and howsoever caused, to myself, my family, my dog, my property, or any guests I have invited to attend a K9 function. I also confirm that I will inform such guests of the K9 Rules and Regulations, that they will be bound by them, and accept that they will only have recourse to myself in the event of any injury, loss or damage of whatsoever nature, and howsoever caused.
  • The Right of Admission to K9 Training Centre and its property is reserved. All admissions to the Club will be at the sole discretion of the Owner.
  • No training will be undertaken until full registration has taken place, and fees have been paid in full.
  • The Owners reserve the Right to Dismiss a Handler for any unacceptable behaviour within the Club, non-compliance of any Rules or Regulations or any instruction issued by the Owners. In this instance fees will be forfeited.
  • The correct training prerequisites will be required prior to your dog being allowed in a class.
  • Dogs will only be eligible for testing if they have attended at least 75% of the classes in that month.
  • Should the handler miss a course test you will be required to stay back one month - unless prior arrangement has been made.
  • A handler may request a test provided the minimum requirements have been met. This will be granted at the discretion of the Class Instructor, in consultation with the Owner.
  • Dogs will be required to pass the Novice Obedience Test before being allowed to participate in any Protection Work. This rule may be waived at the discretion of the Owner.
  • No unnecessary force or mishandling of your dog will be tolerated.
  • Each handler shall be responsible for keeping his/her dog, or any dog that he/she has brought or invited to a club function, under control at all times. The Owner and Trainers in the Club reserve the right to request that a dog be permanently kept on lead, and/or muzzled should it be judged a risk to other people and/or dogs at the Club.
  • The area surrounding the training grounds is home to various wildlife and is also traversed by horse riders. Dogs must be under control and not cause harm to wildlife, and must not interfere or cause harm to horses or riders.
  • There is a minimum age of 14 years for handlers.
  • The Owner of K9 Training Centre may relax any of the above rules if, in their sole discretion there is sufficient cause to do so, without prejudice to any of their rights. These Rules and Regulations may also be updated from time to time, and the onus is on members to ensure that they are aware of the latest Rules and Regulations applicable.