K9 Training Centre Classes

We offer a range of dog training classes, from puppy to advanced obedience. Classes are held on Saturdays and Wednesdays at our grounds in RiverTree, which is very close to Summit College and the Riversands Market.

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dog being tought how to be obedient

We accept dogs of all breeds from the age of 6 months for obedience training. Train your dog to the level you want – we have people who train with us for 2 or 3 months simply to get some basic obedience, while others stay for many years and move on to advanced levels. Our Obedience classes include a variety of disciplines, dependant on the class level, such as socialising, recalls, agility, scent work, tracking, retrieve and manwork.

Classes are on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. For our full timetable click here. For what to bring, click here.

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We have several obedience levels:

Saturday Classes


Saturdays 10.30 AM

This is our class for dogs that have never had any obedience training. The course is 4 weeks long and specific items are taught each week. This course covers sit, down, heeling with turns (left, right, about, left about, circle left, circle right), on the move recall and stay. After this course your dog is automatically promoted to the Beginners and Preparatory classes.

Handlers should be able to commit to the full 4 weeks of training, if possible.

Places are limited for this class and booking is essential. The admission fee is payable on booking a place in the class, on a non-refundable basis.

Beginners and Preparatory

Saturdays 10.30 AM

These classes are for dogs who have completed the Elementary class. These classes practice and expand further the commands taught in Elementary, as well as adding some new ones. Depending on the progress of you and your dog, after one or two months you will be automatically promoted to the Intermediate class.


Saturdays 09.15 AM

Our second highest class includes off leash work, as well as some field exercises. You remain in this class until you are ready to take the test for advanced class.


Saturdays 09.15 AM

These classes continue the refinement and practice of previous commands, as well as introducing new ones. You stay in this class until you are ready to take the test to pass to the Novice level. The test involves class moves without the use of treats and praise.


Saturdays 08.00 AM

Our highest class level includes off leash obedience as well field exercises, retrieve, scent work and some manwork. Our advanced class handlers and dogs compete in our annual Dog Of The Year competition.

Wednesday Evening Classes


Wednesdays 18.00 PM

Beginner, Preparatory and Intermediate dogs are combined in this class, with exercises adjusted for dogs of different levels. Handlers may also use this class to catch up on any classes that they may have missed on a Saturday, and vice versa. And of course you can train twice a week if you wish, see our fee structure.


Wednesdays 18.00 PM

Novice and Advanced dogs are combined in this class, with exercises adjusted for dogs of different levels. Handlers may use this class to catch up on any classes that they may have missed on a Saturday, and vice versa.


picture of puppy

Puppy socialisation classes can help your pup get off to a good start, with exposure to interesting situations and activities in a supportive environment. These are not obedience classes, but rather activity and play sessions with other pups, with a few obedience moves added in. Our Puppy Graduate classes are for puppies who have completed Puppy class, and continues the journey with more experiences and some more simple obedience.

Puppy class is available to puppies between 10 and 16 weeks of age, provided that the puppy has had its second set of vaccinations. Proof of inoculations must be presented at the first class.

Puppy Graduate is available for puppies who have completed Puppy. Puppies may remain in Graduate class until they are 6 months old and ready to start formal obedience. In some cases the Graduate pup may skip Elementary Obedience and proceed directly to our Beginner obedience class, depending on the dogs progress. This would be discussed with you by your instructor.

Puppy classes are held on Saturdays at 11.45 AM and last an hour. New classes start monthly, dependant on demand.

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dog being tought how to protect

Our practical and fun protection training classes are on Wednesday evenings at 19.15 PM. These classes are only available to dogs in the Advanced obedience class. A short “baby manwork” class is offered on Saturday mornings for some selected dogs as an introduction.

These classes teach guarding, warning, attacking and control behaviours, and help to build a dogs confidence in a game environment.

Please note that not all dogs and handlers are suitable for this sort of training, and some may not be accepted for the class.

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pictures of dpgs running around with balls in their mouth

Flyball is an exciting team dog sport for ball crazy dogs. In flyball, the first dog in a relay team of 4 dogs runs down a course of 4 jumps, retrieves a tennis ball from a special spring-loaded box and returns over the 4 jumps to the handler with the ball. Once the dog is clear the next dog goes. Teams race against each other and the fastest clean run wins. In competition teams race against each other in a best out of 3 fashion. It is great fun for both handlers and dogs.

Our flyball class is for both fun and competition. To play flyball, a dog needs:

  • To be around a year old
  • To be physically fit and able to jump 30cm (no overweight dogs or dogs with joint problems)
  • To be social enough to run past other dogs
  • To have a good toy drive and be crazy for balls
  • Have a good recall

Flyball classes are on Saturday afternoons at 16.00 PM and last about an hour. Flyball dogs do not need to be members of K9 Training.

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